Current Projects

OMIC R&D members get access to the results and reports of our research projects. Members of certain tiers have voting privileges and get to set the agenda for each project year

Year Seven (2023 – 2024)

ProjectNameLead Institution
AM31AM31 Addtv Mfg Inject Molds P2OSU
AM33AM33 Addtv Mfg Large Molds P2OSU
M39Developments in Alloys with Multi-Principle Elements for Cutting ToolsOMIC / OSU
M45Diagnosis system – Identify ChatterOMIC / Oregon Tech / PSU
R28Robot Vision Defct Clas [PHASE 2]OSU
R29Developing Human-Robot TrustOregon Tech
R31Robot Smart ManipulationOSU

Year Six (2022 – 2023)

ProjectNameLead Institution
438Smart Cutting ToolsOSU
439Robot Haptic Feedback [PHASE 2]PSU / Oregon Tech
440Mobile Printing Platform [PHASE 2]Oregon Tech
441Additive Manufacturing Tool Materials Glossary Development [PHASE 2]PSU
442Additively Manufactured Cutting ToolOSU
443Alternate to Carbide Material Development [PHASE 2]OMIC
444Software Tool for Cycle Time Prediction [PHASE 2]OMIC

Year Five (2021 – 2022)

ProjectNameLead Institution
430Evaluation of Exotic Tool MaterialsOMIC / Oregon Tech / PSU
431Integrating Sensors in Additive Manufacturing ProcessesOSU
432Improve Surface Finish on 3D Printed PartsOSU
433Implementation of Robot Haptic FeedbackOSU
434Robotic Controlled 3D Printer for Enhanced CapabilityOMIC / OSU
435Robotic Vision System for Quantitative & Qualitative InspectionOMIC / OSU
436Evaluate Machining of 3D Printed PartsOMIC / PSU

Year Four (2020 – 2021)

ProjectNameLead Institution
421Adaptive Chatter EliminationOSU
422Additive Manufacturing Application Feasibility for Production ManufacturingPSU / Oregon Tech
423Developments in Alloys with Multi-Principle Elements for Cutting ToolsOregon Tech
424Grinding Wheel Characterization to Assess Performance DifferencesPSU
425In Machine Part ScanningOSU
426Vision for RobotsOMIC
427Water Jet Deburring and Edge Finishing of High Strength Steel GearsOMIC
428Lubricant Energy Usage StudyOMIC / OSU

Year Three (2019 – 2020)

ProjectNameLead Institution
413Grinding Process Monitoring and OptimizationPSU
414Cutting Tool Geometry Inspection and OptimizationOregon Tech / OMIC
415Software Tool for Accurate Cycle Time Prediction & Simulation of Part ProgramsOSU
416Gear Performance Validation Facility Phase 1PSU
417Thin Wall Tube MachiningOMIC
418On Machine CNC DeburringPSU
419Connection TestingPSU
420MR Solution for Manufacturing TrainingOSU

Year Two (2018 – 2019)

ProjectNameLead Institution
405Adaptive Dynamic MachiningOSU
406Corrosion Resistant Layer on Carbon SteelOSU/PSU
407Precision Hole Making, Phase 2OSU/PSU
408Vision-Based Quality Control for Deburring & Edge BreakingOSU
409Ball Screw Rapid FormingOregon Tech / OMIC
410Hard Metals Drilling & Reaming Per Aerospace Spec BAC5008PSU
411Force Milling & Turning Feed Rate OptimizationOMIC
412Rapid Tooling with Additive Manufacturing Phase 2Oregon Tech