About Us

OMIC R&D is a collaborative innovation center with a mission to help manufacturers grow, advance, and prosper. We conduct applied research to enhance the ability of industry to manufacture products better, faster, greener, and less expensively. We assist industry in developing new ways to make use of existing technology and pave the way for industry to use new and emerging technologies.

By convening those who teach and train existing and future manufacturing employees, we seek to inspire a new generation of learners, enable them to garner competence in industry critical skills and hone and renew the skills of those already engaged in manufacturing so they can engage in new opportunities for themselves and their employers. 

As a trusted and knowledgeable third party, we engage decision makers and policy developers by giving thoughtful and knowledgeable voice to industry’s business, manufacturing and workforce development needs and opportunities.

Our Team

Don Hendrickson

Interim Executive Director

Don was named Interim Executive Director of Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center on May 1st, 2024. His goal is to continue the OMIC R&D primary objective of promoting applied research in manufacturing through collaborative efforts with industry, academia, government, and philanthropic organizations.

Urmaze Naterwalla

Urmaze Naterwalla

Head of Research & Development

Urmaze Naterwalla serves as the Director of Research Operations, an integral role shepherded by an accomplished professional with diverse experience in manufacturing and project management. With a comprehensive understanding of a range of industry sectors, Urmaze has expertise in machining, aerospace, automotive, die & mold, and crankshaft machining.

Josh Koch

Josh Koch

Business Development Manager

Josh Koch’s journey with OMIC R&D began at the ground floor as its very first employee, marking the start of an illustrious career that would see him become a cornerstone of the organization’s growth and development. Before his tenure at OMIC R&D, Josh honed his skills as a machine operator at Boeing, a role that laid the foundation for his deep understanding of machine operations and their potential for innovation.

Michele Vitali

Michele Vitali

Administrative Services Manager

Michele Vitali is the Administrative Services Manager at OMIC R&D, as well as a Trustee with the Oregon Tech Board of Trustees.

Jen Kammerman

Research Administrative Manager

Jen Kammerman is a Research Administrative Manager at OMIC R&D. With over a decade of experience as an Executive Assistant and Executive Secretary, Jen has navigated both the private and public sectors.

Cody Apple

Cody Apple

Machining Solutions Researcher

Cody is a Machine Solutions Researcher at OMIC R&D. Having an extensive background working in the Aerospace industry, Cody brings with him a unique background that is instrumental to the work being done on the machining floor. Cody is well known in the field for being an innovative, out-of-the-box thinker.

Kyle McGann

Machine Solutions Researcher

Kyle McGann is an accomplished Additive Solutions Researcher with a background in mechanical engineering and a passion for additive manufacturing. He holds a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, and an Associate of Applied Science degree in Explosive Ordnance Disposal.

Taylor Schaming

Taylor Schaming

Associate Manufacturing Solutions Researcher

Taylor Schaming is an Associate Manufacturing Solutions Researcher (SMSR) and has a passion for manufacturing and a drive for innovation. She is currently pursuing an Associate of Applied Science degree in Machine Manufacturing Technology, further deepening her knowledge in the field.

Trent LaMont

Associate Machining Solutions Researcher

Trent LaMont specializes in additive manufacturing—a field that perfectly aligns with his knack for detailed and meticulous work. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Trent graduated magna cum laude and was a distinguished member of Oregon Tech’s Honors Program.

Mark Mitchell

Facilities Manager

Mark Mitchel is the Facilities Manager at OMIC R&D, a role he assumed in July 2023. With a background in heavy industrial maintenance, Mark specialized in the management of rotating specialized machinery and employs predictive maintenance techniques to ensure the optimal health of machinery. His expertise was honed in the steel mill industry, marking the beginning of his distinguished career in industrial maintenance.

Jon Elias

Director of Marketing & Communications

Jon Elias is the Director of Marketing and Communications at OMIC R&D. Coming from a long background in the Pacific Northwest, Jon got his start delivering for food carts by bicycle in Portland.