OMIC R&D’s collaborative environment is like no other. Our members actively engage in identifying industry’s challenges, directing research and development to overcome those challenges and provide their skills and knowledge as we work together to move to the next level and unlock the future of manufacturing means, methods, and technology.

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OMIC R&D boasts a membership representing every facet of metals manufacturing from coolant and lubricant companies, CAD/CAM software companies, cutting tool and machine tool companies to some of the largest manufacturers in the world. While some challenges need a concerted research effort to solve, others are just a phone call or handshake away. The OMIC R&D membership is a closely knit collaboration of organizations who understand that networking and connections is a powerful tool.


Access to Research

Much of the research and development work conducted by OMIC R&D and our university research members involve the machines and tools of the OMIC R&D members. The OMIC R&D team knows which of our members products are the most likely to produce the desired results. We engage in two primary types of research. General Projects are those paid for out of membership dues for the benefit of multiple members or industry as a whole. The intellectual property generated by such projects is shared based upon a given members membership tier. Specific Projects are research and development projects conducted for an individual company and any resulting intellectual property conducted by OMIC R&D research staff is typically owned by the project sponsor.


Membership Benefits

  • Access to world-class R&D capabilities.
  • Ability to help set OMIC R&D’s research agenda.
  • Participation in generic R&D programs, with shared costs and development.
  • Ownership of specific R&D programs and the Intellectual Property they may produce.
  • On-site training for employees to upskill or learn new machines.
  • Networking opportunities with world-class companies and supply chain members.
  • Industry recognition through association with this world-class center of excellence.