OMIC R&D is led and run by its members for the benefit of all. Members come from global corporations of all sizes across the supply chain in aerospace and defense, transportation and other high-value metals manufacturing and engineering sectors. They are here to become more competitive through the application of new techniques, materials, technologies, and processes.

Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

OMIC R&D’s capabilities can benefit companies that may not have the time, focus, or bandwidth to address research issues themselves. Membership is open to any company working in a complementary area that wishes to participate in and support OMIC R&D’s research capabilities. A membership application is submitted following discussions with the OMIC R&D business development manager and the Board of Governors to make sure that membership is right for your business and contributes to a balanced membership within the organization.

Member Benefits:

  • Access to world-class R&D capabilities.
  • Ability to help set OMIC’s research agenda.
  • Participation in generic R&D programs, with shared costs and development.
  • Ownership of specific R&D programs and the Intellectual Property they may produce.
  • On-site training for employees to upskill or learn new machines.
  • Networking opportunities with world-class companies and supply chain members.
  • Industry recognition through association with this world-class center of excellence.

Becoming a Member:

Membership in OMIC R&D is open to any company that is part of, or works with, metals manufacturing, or wishes to participate in the support of our research programs. Our current members range from large OEMs, to medium and small-scale metals manufacturers, companies that make the tools and machines they use, companies that create the lubricants that are used in those machines, and companies that create machines and devices to test and measure the metals and parts metals manufacturers use and make.

We ask two simple questions when determining membership:

The first, is whether OMIC R&D can provide value to you. It is critically important to us that companies feel that they are getting a good return on their investment. The second question is whether your organization can provide value to OMIC R&D in helping us carry out our mission. We want to partner with companies who are interested in being actively engaged in the work we do here. If we can answer these two questions in the affirmative, we start to work on determining the membership that best fits your company.

OMIC has three tiers of membership. The appropriate tier depends on the size of your company and its position in the supply chain. The annual fee is a contribution towards our shared resources, including generic research projects. All members must agree to the terms of the Collaboration Agreement and submit a proposal to the Tech Board and the Governing Board. Upon approval, a Joinder Agreement is executed.

Tier 1

The dues for a Tier 1 membership are currently $327,818 per year with a commitment to continue membership through 2027. The dues obligation can be met via funds and/or in-kind contributions. Tier 1 partners have an individual seat on the Governing Board and the Technology Board where they have the opportunity to influence the direction of future research. Tier 1 members participate in, and obtain the results of, all general research projects royalty free. Tier 1 members can also propose specific projects which are presented to the Tech board for approval. One-third of the funds provided by a Tier 1 member as part of their dues can be directed to specific research projects of importance to that member.

Tier 2

The dues for a Tier 2 membership are $49,173 per year via funds and/or in-kind contributions with a commitment to continue membership through 2027. Tier 2 members participate in, and obtain the results of, all generic projects under a royalty bearing licensing agreement. Tier 2 partners are represented by a member on the Governing Board and on the Tech Board, selected by every cohort of five Tier 2 members.


Associate membership is available for small companies. The dues for an Associate membership are $11,246 per year via funds and/or in kind contributions with a commitment to continue membership through 2027.

To discuss becoming a member of OMIC R&D, contact:

Josh Koch, Business Development Manager