Oregon’s OMIC R&D hosts Congressional and global industry leaders

August 23, 2023   /   Jon Elias

SCAPPOOSE, OR – OMIC R&D (Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center), the state’s singular advanced and additive manufacturing research center, proudly hosted a Congressional, industry, and local leaders at its recently dedicated state-of-the-art Additive Manufacturing facility on August 23rd.

OMIC R&D welcomed Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici for a collaborative conversation with Mr. Adrian Allen, renowned founding member of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Center, or AMRC, based in Sheffield, UK. AMRC served as the model for Oregon’s OMIC R&D. The meeting was convened by former Oregon State Senator Betsy Johnson, an early OMIC champion and current OMIC Board Member, and also included State Senator Suzanne Weber, Columbia County Commissioner Margaret Magruder, Scappoose Mayor Joe Backus, City Councilor Janeatte Santiago, City Manager Alex Raines, PCC/OMIC Training Center Director Patty Hawkins , Executive Director of Columbia Economic Team Paul Vogel, and Craig Campbell, Executive Director at OMIC R&D.

 Their visit illuminated the vibrant future of Additive Manufacturing in Oregon. Throughout the morning, participants exchanged perspectives on innovations on manufacturing, workforce training and upskilling, and the vast advantage OMIC R&D provides for companies, industry sectors, and career paths for the nation’s youth. Congresswoman Bonamici shared her perspective and support for recent federal acts/laws that will benefit industry, infrastructure, and sustainable innovation, and Allen related how US opportunities mirror or could adapt to successful innovations already proven at AMRC.

“Additive manufacturing isn’t just the latest trend; it’s Oregon’s future.” Said Betsy Johnson.  “We don’t just chase innovation for the sake of novelty; we pursue it because it promises a better, more stable tomorrow for our state’s families and communities.”

Having assisted substantially in the establishment of OMIC R&D based on his AMRC model, Allen was back in Oregon for a tour of the OMIC’s progress and additions, and later shared his observations and encouragement at the OMIC R&D governing board meeting. As always, his perspectives were invaluable regarding global trends and the center’s growth trajectory, as well as emphasizing the collaborative nature of the global manufacturing community.

“It’s remarkable what has been accomplished here” Mr. Allen stated during an interview on site. This work is similar to the work accomplished at AMRC. I am very excited by the increasing momentum of development at OMIC R&D.”

“We are extremely honored to host both Congresswoman Bonamici and Mr. Allen here together,” said Craig Campbell, Executive Director at OMIC R&D. “Their shared insights and encouragement only strengthen our resolve, direction and energy to move forward aggressively at OMIC R&D.”