Local Talent, Trent LaMont, Joins OMIC R&D Team

July 10, 2023   /   Jon Elias

Scappoose, OR – July 10, 2023 – The Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center, Research and Development (OMIC R&D) is proud to announce the addition of Trent LaMont to its dynamic team. A Scappoose native, LaMont just completed his degree in mechanical engineering at Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) where he was a recipient of the distinguished DeArmond Fellowship. LaMont joined OMIC R&D in June 2023.

LaMont first discovered OMIC R&D while on his high school robotics team, impressing industry members at an early stage event. “I was told an R&D facility was opening up and they wanted us to present at the opening luncheon,” he recalls. “This was before the floors were even white and there were any machines present.”

LaMont decided to advance his education by attending OIT. He was selected for the DeArmond Fellowship program, a highly competitive scholarship opportunity which allowed him to work at OMIC R&D through a summer internship. He would spend the next three summers working alongside OMIC R&D researchers and gaining applicable knowledge in the world of advanced manufacturing.

Since joining OMIC R&D, LaMont feels his view on education and industry has been significantly influenced. “OMIC has provided me countless opportunities to grow as I become more experienced in both the work that I did at OMIC as well as my studies,” he explains. “The learning opportunities never ended, and the staff support was tremendous.”

“We are very excited to have a talented individual like Trent join our team” says Craig Campbell, Executive Director of OMIC R&D. “Over the last three years, Trent has demonstrated his ability to work in a dynamic environment. He is a great fit within our organization.”

Looking towards the future, LaMont expresses his excitement for the growth opportunities that OMIC and Columbia county present. “There is a lot of technology and different skill sets being brought into one space and I think that when that occurs the potential for highly positive change is very high.”

LaMont credits OMIC R&D with sparking his interest in additive manufacturing. “I had never been exposed to the advancements that were being made in the industry and did not see it as a potential career path,” he admits. “After my summer internship, I saw the potential that additive had to grow, and I wanted to help push the growth to its fullest potential.”

OMIC R&D is thrilled to have such a dedicated local talent on their team and looks forward to seeing how LaMont’s presence and influence shape the future of the organization.