Knowledge Transfer Like No Other


“Imagination is the source of every form of human achievement. And it’s the one thing that I believe we are systematically jeopardizing in the way we educate our children and ourselves.”

Sir Ken Robinson

At OMIC Academy, we’re not just providing online content; we’re opening the door to a world of opportunities where acquiring essential skills and knowledge goes hand-in-hand with innovation and interactivity. Dive into the future of learning and empower your career in advanced manufacturing and beyond with our constantly evolving learning modules.

The mission behind OMIC Academy goes beyond traditional education. The school system of today is intended to teach students through a narrow band of learning, and leaves behind the students who thrive in environments unsupported by the current formulaic education structure. This apparatus has been in place since the Industrial Revolution and, while it may have given some learners the opportunity to advance, it is no longer viable if we hope to remain relevant in the modern world. OMIC Academy seeks to change this structure and give learners the agency needed to thrive.

Making the Virtual World a Reality.

Rather than forcing the learner into a sterile classroom, we seek to expand the environment of learning for the student, no matter where they are. As long as the learner has access to a Oculus Headset and a stable internet connection, they will be able to gain the skills necessary to explore their passions.

The Skills you Need – No Filler Required.

OMIC Academy seeks to take a methodology of learning the essentials with absolutely no filler, and apply it to all sources of learning.

Learners can get the information they need to pursue their passions without wasting their time on prerequisites. Our methods can reduce your time in a learning environment significantly.

Learning your Passion through the Power of AI.

Artificial Intelligence is all the rage right now, and the news would have us believe its going to remove any hope of gainful employment.

At OMIC Academy, we chose to have a more optimistic view of AI. No two learners are alike, and as you explore your passions, our intent is to develop an Artificial Intelligence that will help find the best learning tactics that speak to your learning needs. Your career path will no longer be dictated by the limited scope of a classroom.