OMIC R&D boasts one of the most advanced Additive and Subtractive R&D centers in the world

We’re constantly updating our capabilities with the addition of a one-of-a-kind Additive Innovation Center containing the primary seven additive manufacturing technologies. Having a diverse range of technologies allows us to be nationally unique, we work with you to match your challenges to the technology that best aligns with your product rather than making your product match an additive specialization. OMIC R&D only engages in applied research, which means the R&D we conduct can be directly implemented to the production line.

Our researchers


At the beginning and end of each day, the research we do is only as good as the people we have conducting it. OMIC R&D is proud of the inclusive and innovative culture we have developed, and that culture is maintained by people who love to innovate, collaborate, and who see roadblocks as an opportunity to find another path.  Our on-site researchers have years of hands-on industry experience yet are not bound by past practices. Everything we do is being done for the first time. In addition, we have access to university researchers who are respected luminaries in their fields and who appreciate seeing companies apply their cutting-edge research in the production line.

Cody Apple

Cody Apple

Machining Solutions Researcher

Cody is a Machine Solutions Researcher at OMIC R&D. Having an extensive background working in the Aerospace industry, Cody brings with him a unique background that is instrumental to the work being done on the machining floor. Cody is well known in the field for being an innovative, out-of-the-box thinker.

Kyle McGann

Machine Solutions Researcher

Kyle McGann is an accomplished Additive Solutions Researcher with a background in mechanical engineering and a passion for additive manufacturing. He holds a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, and an Associate of Applied Science degree in Explosive Ordnance Disposal.

Taylor Schaming

Taylor Schaming

Associate Manufacturing Solutions Researcher

Taylor Schaming is an Associate Manufacturing Solutions Researcher (SMSR) and has a passion for manufacturing and a drive for innovation. She is currently pursuing an Associate of Applied Science degree in Machine Manufacturing Technology, further deepening her knowledge in the field.

Trent LaMont

Associate Machining Solutions Researcher

Trent LaMont specializes in additive manufacturing—a field that perfectly aligns with his knack for detailed and meticulous work. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Trent graduated magna cum laude and was a distinguished member of Oregon Tech’s Honors Program.

Our Facilities

OMIC R&D has some of the most advanced manufacturing and inspection machines from around the globe. Our range of mills, lathes, millturns, grinders, metrology equipment, metal 3d printers, cobots, and virtual/augmented reality equipment allows us to conduct nearly any manufacturing-based development into innovative means, methods and technologies.

OMIC R&D members provide several of the machines currently conducting research at our Scappoose campus. These machines are on rotating consignment, the sale of machines in our facilities makes room for the latest version of that equipment. We demonstrate the benefits of these advanced machine tools, with you, on your products, to de-risk your investment.