Urmaze Naterwalla

Urmaze Naterwalla

Before becoming the Director of Research Operations, Urmaze cut his teeth as a Typesetting Operator & Print Press Repair at Giffin Graphics and developed a comprehensive understanding of magnet wire test equipment manufacturing at A/Z Tech. His passion for mechanics extended into the realm of motorcycle repair and restoration, illustrating his ability to apply engineering principles practically.

At the Engineering Research Center for Net Shape Manufacturing at Ohio State University, Urmaze was part of the academic community that pushed the boundaries of manufacturing research. He later took his skills to a challenging offshore oil rig maintenance role, further broadening his industrial knowledge.

Recognized by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and featured in Boeing Frontiers, Urmaze is a published author, whose work “Machining Solutions” is a testament to his expertise. One of his most notable projects was collaborating with Sumitomo on a binder-less Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) analysis.

Beyond his professional engagements, Urmaze dedicates time to teaching and tutoring, showcasing his commitment to sharing knowledge. His blend of academic prowess, industry experience, and dedication to education make Urmaze a distinctive leader in research operations.



  • BA – Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc – Industrial / Mechanical Engineering
  • MBA – Oregon Executive MBA