Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center Welcomes OPEN MIND as New Member

May 28, 2024   /   Jon Elias

Scappoose, Oregon — May 28, 2024 — Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center, Research and Development (OMIC R&D), a leading collaborative in advanced metals manufacturing technologies, is excited to announce that OPEN MIND Technologies has joined its list of members.

OPEN MIND, renowned for its development of high-performance CAD/CAM software strategies, joins OMIC R&D with a wealth of experience in optimizing CAD/CAM solutions that significantly improve programming and cutting machining processes. Their software, hyperMILL®, is widely recognized for its comprehensive range of 2.5D, 3D, 5-axis milling, and turning strategies, enhancing automated programming, and optimizing production processes globally.  A module for advanced tool path planning for Directed Energy Deposition (DED) Additive Manufacturing is also included to support this burgeoning technology, a key focus at OMIC.

“OPEN MIND’s commitment to innovation and its recognized excellence in CAD/CAM technologies make them an invaluable addition to our membership,” said Josh Koch, Business Development Manager at OMIC R&D. “This partnership not only enhances our network but also enriches the resources and expertise available to our partners.”

“OPEN MIND is pleased to provide hyperMILL® software technology and engineering competence to OMIC R&D to enhance machine performance, and collaborate on member and industry projects”, said Alan Levine, Managing Director of OPEN MIND Technologies USA, Inc.  “This collaborative aligns well with high-end applications.”

OMIC R&D and OPEN MIND are committed to pushing the boundaries of manufacturing technology and look forward to a productive collaboration that promises to bring innovative solutions to the forefront of the industry.

For more information about OMIC R&D and its initiatives, please contact Jon Elias, Director of Marketing and Communications, at (503) 821-1155 or jon.elias@oit.edu. Additional details can also be found on our website at www.omic.us.

For more information about OPEN MIND Technologies, please contact OPEN MIND Technologies USA at 888 516 1232 x0 / info.americas@openmind-tech.com / www.openmind-tech.com.

About Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center Research and Development (OMIC R&D)

Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center, Research and Development (OMIC R&D) was founded in 2017 and combines the efforts of industry and academic partners to develop advanced metals manufacturing technologies and processes. Their facility features a world-class collaborative environment, allowing the team to develop new tools, techniques, and technologies to address near-term manufacturing challenges through applied research and advanced technical training.

About OPEN MIND Technologies

OPEN MIND Technologies is one of the world’s leading developers of powerful CAD/CAM solutions for machine and controller-independent programming. OPEN MIND develops optimized CAD/CAM solutions that include a large number of innovative and unique features that can deliver significantly higher performance in both programming and machining. hyperMILL® is a completely modular CAD/CAM solution that provides state-of-the-art CAM technologies on its own CAD platform: from 2.5D, 3D and 5-axis machining as well as turning strategies and solutions for additive manufacturing, HSC and HPC machining. Whether automation, simulation or virtual machine – trendsetting technologies expand the product range and enable continuous digital process chains. Special applications, the perfect interaction with all popular CAD solutions and a customer-oriented service complete the product range.

From left to right, Alan Levine, Managing Director of OPEN MIND, Don Hendrickson, Executive Director of OMIC R&D, and Kevin Lewis, Account Manager at OPEN MIND