Our Team

Core Values

  • We embrace change and seek innovation
  • We value collaboration in solving problems
  • We value a positive focus on strengths not deficits
  • We value failure as a key and important part of the innovation process
  • We value achieving depth of excellence
  • We value data-driven decision making and evidence-based approaches

OMIC R&D Staff

Craig Campbell, Executive Director
Cody Apple, Machining Solutions Researcher
Josh Koch, Business Development Manager
Jordan Meader, Robotics Solutions Researcher
Urmaze Naterwalla, Head of Research & Development
Taylor Schaming, Machine Operator
Michele Vitali, Administrative Services Manager

Outdoor photo:
Josh, Craig, Michele, Grant, Urmaze, Cody, Jordan, Taylor

Indoor photo:
Back row: Grant, Michele, Craig, Josh; Front row: Urmaze, Jordan, Taylor, Cody