OMIC Academy provides advanced training master classes taught by those who have done the work on the manufacturing floor. Our master classes cover training subjects that are difficult to find and makes them approachable for learners. OMIC R&D onsite trainings have a hands-on component to demonstrate how the knowledge being transferred can be applied. Onsite lessons can often be accessed via a live stream or through a videos accessible through this website.

We provide the skills and information you need to advance your career or business. OMIC Academy is for those who need to get up to speed quickly. Our trainings are based on real world problems, and we provide you with what you need to know to solve that problem. Nothing more; Nothing Less. We call that Simplest Common Denominator Training or SCD Training. Our courses will be long enough to get you the knowledge you need and show you how they can be applied. And we do it in a way that you can apply that same knowledge in similar circumstances. We don’t just leave you hanging with the “how.” We make sure you know the “why” so you can use that knowledge whenever it is needed, not just to address a specific problem.



OMIC Academy courses are offered in a variety of mediums. OMIC Academy onsite classes utilize the broad range of cutting tools, machine tools and other equipment to provide relevant hands-on learning opportunities. We believes this knowledge needs to be made available to your company and employees, or perhaps just you personally, to wherever you are. We also livestream our courses and provide training modules online.

Our Commitment

When you’ve completed an OMIC Academy Course, your current or future employer will know you have had good solid training that they can rely on. OMIC Academy strives to make every training the best, so that when you have completed a training, you get more than just a certificate of completion, you get viable skills and knowledge.

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